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For Family Law Advice

and Representation....

We're Not Specialists we are Family Law "Technicians..."

Decades of Success Based on Knowledge and Experience

The secret to success is no secret - its basic. Know your law - know your facts - be pro-active - and fight hard with all of your "tools of trade" to simply WIN !


Michael Vassili

Not Just Reactive but Pro-Active

Court Strategists

Anyone can sit back and react to a case...Thats a "cross your fingers and hope for the best approach" . We run our own best case and put simply "take the ball up" in our matters -  We play to WIN !


Michael Vassili

Honest and Up Front with a written advice on outcomes ....

We are honest and up front with advice as to the range of outcomes in your matter. You can not make informed decisions if your lawyer has not provided a comprehensive advice up front (and put it in writing). 


Michael Vassili

Aggressive Advocates but Compassionate Communicators

We have a reputation for being a very aggressive law firm. However, we are only aggressive because we are passionate about what we do. When you care about people you fight hard to WIN !


Michael Vassili


Our First Interview is Free with one of our friendly and very competent lawyers.........

1300 557 819

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